Friday, October 25, 2013

Four Classy Pieces To Wear This Fall


According to Fiona Rubie, a contributor from Marks & Spencer’s Style Guide, “a simple pale silk blouse tucked into a pencil skirt hits all the right notes for a working day or a chic dinner… To make the trend work for your body, keep it simple and focus on the waist.” To learn more of the season’s top fashion choices, Marks and Spencer laid it out for you. 

Fabulous Outerwear 

Add glamour to your usual outerwear with a faux fur top coat or with per una’s belted white coat. This is perfect as well as practical for everyday wear. To pull off a sophisticated look, a pair of high-heeled boots and pearl necklace can make you the star of the night. 

Vintage Leather Bag 

For a more classy and luxurious aura, a vintage leather bag can complete and turn your overall getup into a delightful outfit. You may want to match this leather bag with a black leather high heeled boots or with a pearl bracelet. 

Classy Knitwear 

Since this season focuses more on dark hues, you may don a knitwear in grey or pale pink matched with pretty embellishment such as studded earrings. There are hundreds of knitwear styles which you can wear, just make sure to find the one the flatters your figure. 

The Lady In Long Dress 

A figure-fitting long dress, according to Rubie, “hits all the right notes this winter.” A dress made with proper fit and right body flattering details makes any woman look elegant and chic. 


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