Sunday, July 17, 2011






photographer - Riski Zein
photo editing - me

Sweater - Gaudi
Maxi pants - Rosebud
Turban - DIY
Sunglasses - Asos
Pumps - June+Julia

SUNDAY just so happens to be my favorite day. No classes, no work…it’s all about rest and relaxation, with the company of some nice tunes. Yeap, that sounds just perfect. ☺

Coincidentally, today I am listening to a band called Casual Sunday, a local act of the alternative pop genre, brought to my attention by my very own translator. ;) The band is comprised of three brothers – Chris (guitar and vocals), Andrew (bass and backing vocals) and Brian (drums). Last year, they earned themselves a spot in Java Rockin’ Land, one of Indonesia’s renowned festivals. I very much adore Chris’ voice and find their unpretentious lyrics to be relatable and quite ear-catching. My personal favorite tracks have to be “Wanted” and “Out of Time”.

Do check their Myspace and go get their record…you will love their music! They are also very engaging with their followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Support our local acts, today! ☺

Casual Sunday’s link
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Translated and edited by Farida Win (@iFreddie)

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