Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feathers Collar



photograph - Nuri Arunbiarti
photo editing - me

faux fur collar - DIY
silk shirt - secondhand
jeans - Rock&Republic
Shoes - June+Julia Wedges

The weather is very hot, it's like 34 celcius. And I'm forgot to bring sunglasses.
the hot weather makes me obsessed with anything silk.
Btw, I wear one of my DIY project "faux fur collar".
you still can use this faux fur collar on summer, you just need to put it on silk shirt.
it's very easy and cheap, you just need your old shirt and faux fur.
This is the second faux fur collar I made, the first faux fur collar still at Girlfriend Indonesia's Office.

If you're looking for a new winter coat for this season then why not visit the Ellos store? They have some great faux fur coats which are very on trend this season.

I have a TUMBLR now
hope you like it!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Camel Coat and New Layout



photograph - Nuri Arunbiarti
photo editing - me

camel coat - local brand
denim shirt - secondhand
nude jeans - Rock&Republic
loafers - Bucherri
glasses - Ray ban

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm bussy with midterm and paper a couple months back.
but everything was over now, so I'm back into blogsphere.

sunny right now and I love it. Here's what I wore yesterday, camel coat ( found it on local store), denim shirt and my favs Rock&Republic nude jeans (gift from my best friend, so they're mean a lot for me).

I've got feature on Girlfriend magazine april 2010, I forgot to post it

btw, I have new layout now, what do you think ?, do you like it ?


Thursday, April 08, 2010

La mimi: FashionIdol of the Week


The Interview

La Mimi: Name, age, location
June Paski, 19, Bandung, Indonesia

La Mimi: Why do you blog?
June: I first started a photo retouching blog. I made it to publish my work so I had a working portfolio. Later after discovering fashion blogs, I became completely obsessed with them, especially after I started regularly reading Susie’s Style Bubble blog. I guess I can say that she has been the main inspiration for me to start my own fashion blog.

La Mimi: How has your life changed since you started blogging?
June: I’ve been able to meet with loads of new people from around the world and I love that! Prior to starting my blog I rarely met anyone new. It keeps me motivated and inspired.

La Mimi: What and who inspired your personal style?
June: My dad because he has amazing style. As well as magazines, other fashion bloggers, runaway fashion and editorials.

La Mimi: What are some of the trends you can’t wait to try this summer?
June: Maxi dress and silk shirt.

La Mimi: You believe that one can be fashionable on a very low budget. How do you
personally manage to do that?
June: I don’t come from a rich family. So, I had to learn to shop on a very tight budget. I read a lot of magazines and blogs to stay up to date on trends, and then find what I need in flea markets, if I can’t get what I want in there, I try to make it myself.

La Mimi: What’s the best style advice you’ve gotten?
June: Anything that’s handmade is so much more special and unique than what’s sold in mass retail stores.

La Mimi: What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you?
June: Keep moving forward to make your dreams come true.

La mimi has featured me as Fashion Idol of the Week on her website.
I'm so happy. Thank you so much to Mimi!

Read the whole interview here.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Lazy Days


photo editing - me

faux fur sweater - secondhand
white tee - secondhand
jeans - Rock&Republic

I have good news!
DIY tutorial: Sequined headband is done.
I will be post it soon.

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