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What happened between me and Dorothy Perkins ?


Last weeks I creeped around Dorothy Perkins store at Grand Indonesia modeling some of my favorite fall trends. As many of you guys may have already seen on my tweet the preview about this collaboration. It's also the comeback of my pixie haircut. I cut my bob hair two days before this photoshoot when my last relationship ended. It was a happy moment when I cut my bob hairs (I wanted to look like Kiko Mizuhara but failed) back to myself and don't want to look like anybody else. But now, back to the clothes. See the photo collection below that capturing the fun we had and the awesome clothes that came with it. 


I am wearing Fashion Valet tweed jacket, Maive shirt, Zara jeans, J+J vegan shoes.

It started in my own clothes. I came ready to style with Fall Essential collection. What followed included tons of fabric like denim, cotton, faux leather, and silk. 


Outfit #1 Here is my I-wish-I-were-Kate-Moss inspired iteration. Features a pair of loose faux leather pants that keep you warm when the weather so cold. Faux leather pants works really well with denim, so I paired them with long sleeve denim shirt. And including faux leather strappy heels that very feminine to balance faux leather pants and denim shirt that very masculine. Also don't forget a scarft and stud clutch to make it complete.


Outfit #2 There's no wrong way to pairing your working top with faux leather loose pants and put your denim jacket around your waist. Red and black are favorite color combination for fall. Also who wore it best ?



Outfit #3 Which includes a leopard top over very feminine and sexy faux leather dress, I would never wear this faux leather dress alone, why ? because it show perfectly your body. I covered my body with cute but still edgy leopard top. I added the super comfortable skinny jeans. Also, I'm holding a clutch with metal details. As you can see, I am most certainly a real model, and will do anything to get the shot by pulling my neck and got hurt after the shot. 


Outfit #4 I looked at this leopard dress and it said try me, so I did. When I saw a mirror WOW, It made me nauseous so I added skinny jeans under it and tuck the front of the dress. so ladylike-masculine came on.




And final outfit It's my favorite top that features sparkling bead that remind me of Isabel Marant SS 2013 top. Plus it's cool with a blazer and skinny jeans. Shoes are kind of important for every outfit, they can make your clothes extraordinary but they can make your clothes ordinary, so I choose the strappy heels with gold trim to made my outfit classic touch. The handbag that consistent with the color of the shoes (black-gold).

All photos by my bestie Julia, Thanks Julls your the best!

So, that's that. Happy Holidays all you guys!

xxx June


  1. The last outfit is indeed the best! But tucking a dress into a pants is also pure genius!

  2. Really lvoe the last photos, i love the top too, cute!

  3. i love the last ensemble! prolly should try that for work.
    and yay for pixie hair comeback! it really suits you :)

    c a r a m e l a t t e


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