Hi, I'm June! a half Dutch-half Indonesian, have a cat named Hitam, and I am a lover of classic movie. In 2009 I created June Paski as a place to escape from hectic day when I studied accounting at university. Since then, it has become a personal diary where I share my personal style, fashion inspiration, DIY project and much more. My signature style is throw on the oversized blazer and slip into loafers. 

Interest: Fashion, classic literature, classic movie, orchid flowers, DIY project, and racing (F1 and Motogp).
Favorite Designer: Isabel Marrant, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton.
Favorite movie: It happened one night for funny, quotable, and Mr. Gable.
Favorite music: Ella Fitzgerald and Nancy Sinatra.
Favorite shop: Zara, Asos, and H&M
Celebrity crush: Clark Gable (old school), David Gandy (new school).
Favorite book: Gone With The Wind and Pride & Prejudice.
Childhood Hero: James Bond.

Thank you so much for reading!!


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