Hi, I'm June! a half Dutch-half Indonesian, have a cat named Hitam, and I am a lover of classic movie. In March of 2008 I created June Paski as a place to escape from hectic day when I studied accounting at university. Since then, it has become a fashion journal where I share my personal style, fashion inspiration, DIY project and much more. My signature style is throw on the oversized blazer and slip into loafers, how seductive borrowing from the boys can be.

Interest: Fashion, classic literature, classic movie, DIY project, and racing (F1 and Motogp).
Favorite movie: It happened one night for funny, quotable, and Mr. Gable.
Favorite music: Ella Fitzgelard and Nancy Sinatra.
Celebrity crush: Clark Gable (old school), David Gandy (new school).
Favorite book: Gone With The Wind and Pride & Prejudice.
Childhood Hero: James Bond.

Thank you so much for reading!!


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