Monday, December 31, 2012



Tee - Cotton Ink
Jacket - Akira
Pants - Promod
Shoes - Zara
Watch - DKNY 
Hat - Flea Markets

This is last post in 2012, wow time is so fast! New Year celebrations tomorrow. I've been having some problems with my camera, I hope this problem will solve soon. Anyway, I recently got knitted hat from flea markets only $1 which look like Eugenia Kim hat that I posted in this post. I'm so happy that sale is ON now! It's time to make a shopping list and I couldn't be happier! Happy Holidays all you guys, see you soon in 2013 ;)

xxx June

photos/ private


Wednesday, December 05, 2012





Last week I was invited to the Elin Kling for Guess by Marciano launch party. I really love Elin Kling capsule collection. she blends contemporary trends with classic glamour. I was read on her blog that she got the inspiration from matadors and classic Spanish femininity and peppering it with a modern twist, she's genius. I want to buy all her collection since I'm big fans of her style and her work but sadly the prices is very expensive for student budget. The prices set from $48 for a knit tank to $898 for leather pants. I only can see them from a far.
xxx June


Thursday, November 29, 2012


So, this is the the making process a custom made yesimfrench faux leather red top. I'm very amaze how Sandra (the designer of yesimfrench) made this red top, she's very creative and her design is simple but with sort of edge. I love sewing and I know how difficult to sew a faux leather, it's not easy and Sandra has a great job with it. Step one, we go to Dongdaemun fabric market in Seoul to find a faux leather fabric and Sandra got a very soft and great faux leather (I love it). The fabric market is full with anything you need for DIY project, it's heaven for DIY lover. Step two, Sandra cut the fabric based the pattern design and my body measurement, after that she pin each piece of fabric (you need extra patient when do it) and then she sewing each fabric. In the end the red faux leather top is ready! Btw, if you curious to know more yesimfrench just go to their website here.

photo copie 4

photo copie 6

photo copie 5

photo copie 7

photo copie 3

photo copie

photo copie 2







1/ Welcome to Seoul 2/ One of the fabric shop at Dongdaemun Fabric Market 3/ Tons of Fabric 4/ Old man with lot of fabric on his shoulder 5/ View inside of Dongdaemun Fabric Market 6/ In front off ribbon and accesories shop 7,8/The fabric for yesimfrench red top 9,10,11/cutting and pin the fabric 12,13/ Sewing time! 14/ voila the faux leather red top, it's cool and I'm statisfied.

xxx June
Photos by Sandra Meynier Kang, Editing by me


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Faux leather cropped top -yesimfrench
Pants - Rosebud
Shoes - Zara
Watch - DKNY

My body look awkward in here, I don't know how to pose above a chairs. The weather was not good for take a photos outdoor. so, my bestfriend Julia take a photos in front of her garage. We need one hours to got good photos, but it so much fun. We miss have fun like this since graduated for university.

Btw, I'm wearing faux leather cropped top from yesimfrench and mix it with wide pants. I like to combination some tight-cropped with loose-long. I love experiment with my outfits, because I don't know it will look good or no if I never try to wear them. Maybe, I will try to match cropped top with skinny jeans on next outfits, I hope they will great on me ;p.

yesimfrench is south korea label by french designer. This top is very spesial because the designer Sandra made it custom for me, Thank you so much Sandra!. This my first custom top and I love it, it's very fit on my body and very comfy. I will post about the making of this top on next post, I'm so excited!.

xxx June

Photos/ Julia, place in front of her home.


Friday, November 09, 2012



Denim Shirt - Edwin Japan
Flare jeans - MANGO
Belt - Asos
Bracelets - Tavari Andorment
Watch - DKNY

I love wearing very masculine denim shirt with feminime flare jeans. I love to balance feminine and masculine. Thank you so much for Tassa from MALCA, she was very kind to offer send me these cute bag!.

xxx June

Photos by Nuri Arunbiarti, Photo editing by me


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It is often said that women can never have too many pairs of shoes and whilst we may vehemently deny this accusation, the mountain of footwear locked in our wardrobes tells a very different tale. Available in virtually every style, height and colour you can think of, there is literally a shoe for every occasion – but could we footwear fanatics be missing a trick?. Truth be told, most footwear styles are versatile enough to match multiple outfits. For the savvy amongst us, this means a few simple pair of shoes can cover all bases, but what are they?

Stilettos, whilst women tend to wear their favourite pair of killer stilettos with their equally favoured little black dress, stilettos can look great with several different outfits. If you’re going to a bar but don’t want to appear too dressed up, wearing stilettos with a pair of skinny jeans will radiate sassiness and sexiness. Similarly, if you want to look ultra-glam to a wedding then wearing a pair of stilettos with a long flowing dress will help create a smarter, more sophisticated look that is still attractive.


Court Shoes, when Kate Middleton was snapped by the paparazzi wearing a pair of nude court shoes to a royal event, the store where the Duchess of Cambridge bought them sold a pair of the same shoes every two minutes in the following week!. These chic, practical and easy to walk in shoes come in a multitude of styles and provide the perfect ladylike shoe for a wide range of occasions. A healed patent court shoe in glossy black creates a business-like look when worn with a suit. In direct comparison, Kate Middleton’s nude court shoes are the ultimate symbol of femininity. These sexy, feminine styles are low cut at the front, have a closed toe and chunky heel which compliment both short and long dresses. Those after a more casual look can pair them with smart jeans or legging instead, exuding sassiness.


Boots, for super-versatile footwear that suits and compliments a wide range of outfits, a pair of boots is an essential component of a woman’s wardrobe. Boots, whether they are knee-high, end mid-way up the calf, stop at the ankle, are flat or high heeled, look fantastic with virtually anything. From jeans and dresses right through to suits and skirts, these are particularly practical in the colder, wetter months of winter – offering comfort, practicality and style in one attractive package.

photos source net-a-porter


Sunday, September 30, 2012


I wouldn't mind this beautiful hats from Eugenia Kim, Sadly they are very expensive. I just realized that I never invest hats, These will be give your outfit plus point. Maybe I should start to buy or make some hats. They don't need to be Eugenia Kim, maybe Asos or Topshop or maybe you can DIY your old hats. More creative are more great!

xxx June


Thursday, September 13, 2012




Tees - yesimfrench
Pants - Versace Jeans
Necklaces - Urban Label
Sunglasses - ASOS
Watch - DKNY
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Zara

It’s been shortest few months for me, I cant believe that is already 3-4 months. but I am so happy, because I'm in last chapter of my thesis. Thank you so much for all my readers who always support me, honestly it means a lot. One months again untill I finish my study, but I will surely keep posting on new fashion things. I missed you all, so happy to be back. 

Btw, I just got this amazing tees last months, this tees from South Korea label yesimfrench. wondering, why the name of the label is yesimfrench, because their designer is come from french. Next post let's talk about hats, few months ago I'm crazy with baseball hats, after searching for long time, I found this online store snapback hats, you can get your own custome made hats in there, check it out! 

xxx June

Photos/ Private


Saturday, July 14, 2012





White shirt - Maive
Sweater - Mango
Pants - Mango
Jacket - Mango
Shoes - June+Julia

Trying my best to focus writing my thesis, I just need one step to graduate from university. I'm sorry that the posting has been slow lately. Blogging has never been a stressful but the idea of keeping up the thesis writing, business, and blog posting is become overwhelming for me. I'm sure you have all noticed how I haven't had a chance to frequently update my blog as much as I did when first started this blog, which is something I never thought would happen. My blog has always been my first priority but for the past 6 months it seems thesis has been taking first place. Lastly, when I'm done with thesis, prepare for tons of outfits because you will have me as a full time blogger.

xxx June

Photographer - Fakhruriza Ahmad and Photo editing by me.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Next H&M collaboration is Margiela, wow I'm so so happy and super excited. I will sleeping with big smile tonite. The collaboration will be launch in selected stores worldwide on November 15, 2012.

xxx June


Saturday, June 02, 2012


Beautiful and Unique Bracelet from Tavari Adornments. All their jewerly collections are limited, every piece they made is unique and has their own one of a kind that no one else have. Thank you so much Chydie for send me this beautiful bracelets. 

xxx June
Photo/ Private


Saturday, May 26, 2012










Me, my bestfriend and her sister had afternoon tea party. The cake tree contain homemade french macaroon, strawberry tartlets, cupcakes, eclairs, brownies, chiffon cake, marzipans, mini sandwich, bitter ballen, raisin scones, sausages broodjes and mango tea. At evening we had spicy wings for dinner.

xxx June

Photos by me, place at tea tee cafe.



BEST GIFT from Odd & Dot, I really love the package, very pretty and cute. they sell vintage clothes. I adopt very beautiful dress. I will wear it on my new outfit post soon. Happy holidays all you guys!

xxx June


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I was so hungry, I stuffed myself with some bread and hot tea!

Me with My best friend and partner-in-crime, Yulia a.k.a Julia.

DKNY Chronographs – courtesy of Urban Icon store.



Back in the hay days of high school, I was such a fan of Jonathan Mulya!

As I have mentioned in my last blog post, I was invited to attend an event called “Fashion Affair” in Plaza Indonesia, which was sponsored by Urban Icon. I had such a great time at this exciting event! They had this Coaching Clinic which was executed remarkably by Fira Basuki (the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Indonesia) and Dewi Lestari (the Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia). 7 other fabulous bloggers were also present at the event, other than myself, namely Diana Rikasari, Sonia Eryka, Cindy Diamondhurts, Fifi and Hanna of Hijab Scarf’s and last but not least, Heidy Kalalo.

And… it looks like I will be heading to Jakarta again very soon to attend the Tex Saverio fashion show! Hope to see you there!

I’m wearing Zara’s Pink Blazer, Versace Pants (thrifted), Thrifted Polkadot Blouse, June+Julia Wedges, Fossil Leather Handbag and DKNY Watch (courtesy of Urbanicon Store).

photography by Nuri Arunbiarti, Photo editing by me, Translation by Farida Win


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