Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY Maxi Skirt


photography - riski
photo editing - me

biker zipper blazer - screamous
tee - secondhand
maxi skirt - DIY

this is my second DIY maxi skirt, the length of first skirt just until ankle
so I make the second ones that more long until you can seen my foot.
thanks for all you guys who comment my last post
Im so happy and will reply all of them asap
Im very bussy with thesis now, hope I can find a perfect title for my thesis.

how was milan fashion week ?
who is your favourite collections ?

have a nice weekend!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

DIY Menswear part 1


photograph - Nuri Moeladi Soemopawiro
photo editing - me

Blazer - DIY
Oversized shirt - DIY
Jeans - Rock&Republic
Buckle Wedges - June+Julia
sequined Headband - DIY

this oversized shirt is my latest DIY project, I sewing maxi skirt (again)
and trench coat now, I will be post them when they're finish.

I take two photos with the same outfit, but I wear them in different way
I will post another photos soon.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inspiration : William Tempest




source elle uk

Im fallin in love with William Tempest works,
hes a british young designer who amaze all people on his first collection A/W 2009,
his works is very amazing, and hes only 25 years old!
what do you think about his collection ?
And look online for latest trends in designer clothing for this season.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

black and white


photograph - riski az
photo editing - me

stripes sweater - secondhand
jeans - Rock&Republic
cardigan - no label
ballet shoes - Topshop

sorry if bored with my ballet shoes
for now I just have 3 pairs of shoes
I save my money to build my own business
so I don't have new things

have a nice weekend!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

suede and floral


photograph - Riski AZ
photo editing - me

floral maxi dress - secondhand
suede jacket - bloop endorse
flat shoes - topshop
headband - DIY

Im obsessed with maxi dress, maxi skirt and headband.
Im planning to make tons of them :)

Thank you to audrey allure for "10 things
that made me happy" award.
another 10 things that made me happy list
1. holiday.
2. reading a books
3. watching romantic movie
4. surfing on internet.
5. blogging.
6. meet with new friends.
7. make up.
8. culinary food.
9. go to fabric store.
10. reading japanese magazine.

RIP Alexander Mcqueen
still can't believe it



Sunday, February 07, 2010

Comme des Garçons



photograph - Nuri Moeladi Soemopawiro
photo editing - me

silk shirt - Comme des Garçons Homme
faux fur vest - borrow from my friend
jeans - Rock&Republic
shoes - June+Julia

I found this Comme des Garçons Homme silk shirt on my dad's wardrobe.
he's buy this shirt at flea market a couple years back.
because he has a same size with me, I'm not look like steal it from him :)
it was funny when your dad have the same height and weight with you.
the different thing about me and him is I'm a girl and he's a man :p

the weather was so cold, I wear tee under the silk shirt.
silk shirt is good for summer, but not good in cold weather.

Thanks to tokyo identity who give me BEST BLOG AWARD!
and to mariska deasy to happy 101 award.

10 things which can make me happy
1. found great clothes at flea market.
2. sewing clothes.
3. watching 500 days of summer and across the universe.
4. listening to la roux and florence + the machine.
5. go out with my friend.
6. spend all my days to help my mom.
7. receive a gift.
8. sleepy.
9. photoshoot.
10. sale!

An interview I did with is up today,
so please check it out!, clik HERE

thanks for feature me


Monday, February 01, 2010

weird weather


photograph - Nuri Moeladi Soemopawiro
photo editing - me

half hours later, windy
photograph and photo editing - Nuri Moeladi Soemopawiro

tee -secondhand
faux fur vest - borrow from my friend
jeans - Rock&Republic
belt - secondhand
fur vest - borrow from my friend
shoes - June+Julia

I dislike the weather in february, cuz it's very weird
sometimes sunny and sometimes windy
at first photos the weather is sunny and lovely
but at the second photos the sky are so dark and windy
I hope the weather back to normal again

this is the same faux fur vest with the last outfit,
but in here I use it as a vest not as a oversized scarf :)
I love wearing same items in different way, because it can save my money.
so for all you guys who have low budget, try to do this :)

I will go to jakarta tomorrow, Im so excited and scared.
I live in small city, so Im bit scared when must go to big city.
I hope everything going good.

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