Monday, November 11, 2013

Jeans at work: tacky or tasteful?


Having finally fought their way into boardrooms across the country, women in business realized they had to prove their worth from the first, and that meant dressing to impress. A sharp suit became the uniform of the working woman: whether skirt or trousers, a formal style in a strong but neutral shade showed that its wearer could stand her ground in a male-dominated workplace. Suits were seen as empowering and professional, and remain a wardrobe staple of businesswomen everywhere.

However, with more offices introducing a 'business casual' dress code, it can be hard to strike the balance between being overdressed and looking like you're channelling shabby student chic. Many women appreciate the chance to express their fashion sense more freely without risking judgement or being overlooked, but have we traded stuffy professional style for sloppy casual?

There are certain professions where sporting denims to work is a definite disadvantage. Recent reports by the British Medical Journal suggest that medics in particular are dressing too casually, which can confuse patients and leave them wondering just who the doctor is. While some clothing (ties, for example) aren't worn in hospitals for practical reasons, wearing jeans and other casual styles to work can lead patients to doubt their doctor's abilities.
However, there are some places where a less formal dress code can work. Scruffy jeans and trainers may not be appropriate work wear for the office, but styled correctly formal wear needn't be restricted to suits. Choose a darker denim and team with smart shirts and a strong heel, and you can rock your jeans in an office environment without your standards of professionalism being questioned.

It's important to command respect but it's equally important to be you, and jeans show someone who is creative, competent and on-trend. Why not give it a try? Shop for Voi Jeans and promote your office style from stiff to sensational.

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  1. well working as a Visual Merchandiser my boss encourage me to wear jeans actually, because of the mobility it provides. Wearing jeans allow me to move freely, fast and effective...!


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