New Hairs

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



photograph - Riski AZ
Photo editing - me

sweater - secondhand
jeans - Rock&Republic
belt - secondhand
ballet shoes - topshop

I never update anymore unless I have pictures.
no one cares about my life unless it involves pictures anyway
and I have pretty interesting life, too
oh well, so this is my new hairs.
Inspired from Demi Moore's haircut in 90s.
I feel very fresh. I think is true that hairs can change your life!

I've been featured in TeenVogue
TeenVogue,the magic word. click HERE to read :)

webstore launch in 7 days

Happy holidays


Thursday, December 03, 2009



Thanks so much to WhoWhatWear for making me be part of the
Style Stalker in november.

I watched Ninja Assasin. it was such a good movie but not great.
the blood looks fake, I think a reall blood not really liquid like a water.
but the fight scene is quite great.
The point I love in this movie is RAIN, He is so HOT.
I think all Asian girls want marry with him.

thank you to Dylana at Nana In Wonderland for giving me
the "Awesome Blogger" award. Here are 7 new things about me:

1. I'm Obsessed with mens dressing.
2. I had new haircut.
3. My own line label "June+Julia" coming soon.
3. I spend all my money to buy suede biker jacket.
4. I'm broke.
5. I'm always crying when watch Drama movie.
6. My sandals was stolen at uni, so I back to home barefoot.
7. I have been sewing coat since two months ago.
8. I have phobia with high building and airplane.

I give this award to
Barbro Andersen, honneybunny, fashion Cappuccino,
friend in fashion, mode-damour, owls vs dove.


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