Monday, July 15, 2013


Celebrates 140 years of levi's as a cultural icon. They introducing the levi's 501 in color. This season you will find 501 in the same great fit as usuall but in a lighter-weight shrink to fit twill and bold colors including red, blue, green, chino, and white. Every stitch on the jeans has been reconstructed to update this timeless product, while staying true to it's core. refinements include: finer fabric, reinforced stitching and seams, and reconstructed belt loops. Every update has been made in the spirit of the original, with the same care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

The 501 was made first to last, proving time and again over the past 140 years. the 501 improving with age to provide every generation with the 501 they need. This month through May, the Levi's brand is embarking on a campaign called "501 interpretation" to celebrate the range of expressions of unique personal style from around the world. Young and old, famous and not so famous, you can interpretation Levi's 501. Levi's fans can join the movement by tagging photos in their 501 jeans with #501 on Twitter and Instagram or uploading directly at

I make some videos called "forever young" that represent levi's 501 color, for me Levi's 501 give me energy, freedom, and happiness. lot's of sweet and sad moment that I share with Levi's 501. So, what's your interpretation ?

xxx June

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