Thursday, November 29, 2012



So, this is the the making process a custom made yesimfrench faux leather red top. I'm very amaze how Sandra (the designer of yesimfrench) made this red top, she's very creative and her design is simple but with sort of edge. I love sewing and I know how difficult to sew a faux leather, it's not easy and Sandra has a great job with it. Step one, we go to Dongdaemun fabric market in Seoul to find a faux leather fabric and Sandra got a very soft and great faux leather (I love it). The fabric market is full with anything you need for DIY project, it's heaven for DIY lover. Step two, Sandra cut the fabric based the pattern design and my body measurement, after that she pin each piece of fabric (you need extra patient when do it) and then she sewing each fabric. In the end the red faux leather top is ready! Btw, if you curious to know more yesimfrench just go to their website here.

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photo copie

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1/ Welcome to Seoul 2/ One of the fabric shop at Dongdaemun Fabric Market 3/ Tons of Fabric 4/ Old man with lot of fabric on his shoulder 5/ View inside of Dongdaemun Fabric Market 6/ In front off ribbon and accesories shop 7,8/The fabric for yesimfrench red top 9,10,11/cutting and pin the fabric 12,13/ Sewing time! 14/ voila the faux leather red top, it's cool and I'm statisfied.

xxx June
Photos by Sandra Meynier Kang, Editing by me

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Faux leather cropped top -yesimfrench
Pants - Rosebud
Shoes - Zara
Watch - DKNY

My body look awkward in here, I don't know how to pose above a chairs. The weather was not good for take a photos outdoor. so, my bestfriend Julia take a photos in front of her garage. We need one hours to got good photos, but it so much fun. We miss have fun like this since graduated for university.

Btw, I'm wearing faux leather cropped top from yesimfrench and mix it with wide pants. I like to combination some tight-cropped with loose-long. I love experiment with my outfits, because I don't know it will look good or no if I never try to wear them. Maybe, I will try to match cropped top with skinny jeans on next outfits, I hope they will great on me ;p.

yesimfrench is south korea label by french designer. This top is very spesial because the designer Sandra made it custom for me, Thank you so much Sandra!. This my first custom top and I love it, it's very fit on my body and very comfy. I will post about the making of this top on next post, I'm so excited!.

xxx June

Photos/ Julia, place in front of her home.

Friday, November 09, 2012




Denim Shirt - Edwin Japan
Flare jeans - MANGO
Belt - Asos
Bracelets - Tavari Andorment
Watch - DKNY

I love wearing very masculine denim shirt with feminime flare jeans. I love to balance feminine and masculine. Thank you so much for Tassa from MALCA, she was very kind to offer send me these cute bag!.

xxx June

Photos by Nuri Arunbiarti, Photo editing by me
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