Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Pattern and bold Party


When stripes, gingham, ballets meets with bold colors, can they happy together ?, Let's see!





In this week's installment of Cheap&Chic, I wanted to playing with patterns and colors and taking myself out of safety zone. I ever read on some article that fashion loves juxtapose, juxtaposition of feminine and masculine, light and dark, and stripes and gingham. We are like unlikely mixtures that somehow work extremely well when they meet. 

Now on this outfit I tried to juxtaposition a different patterns -look how cool I am use this juxtapose words that I can't spell, just kidding you guys. How many times I show you a pair of jeans or pants before you bored and throw me with tomatoes ?, but I promise they will always different. I've got this striped jeans two years ago at flea market when I was crazy in love with Isabel Marant striped jeans but can't afford them. But pairing striped jeans with ballets pattern shirt and placing gingham shirt on my hips made me feel like Japanese teenager walking in Shibuya. DIY "girl" hat to covered my hairs from the sun -and to make you look cool when you got bad hairs day- and Nike neon sneakers that very comfortable which were a cool $45 Nike store score last years. Also, The backpack from Jansport with cool neon color.

xxx June

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