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It is often said that women can never have too many pairs of shoes and whilst we may vehemently deny this accusation, the mountain of footwear locked in our wardrobes tells a very different tale. Available in virtually every style, height and colour you can think of, there is literally a shoe for every occasion – but could we footwear fanatics be missing a trick?. Truth be told, most footwear styles are versatile enough to match multiple outfits. For the savvy amongst us, this means a few simple pair of shoes can cover all bases, but what are they?

Stilettos, whilst women tend to wear their favourite pair of killer stilettos with their equally favoured little black dress, stilettos can look great with several different outfits. If you’re going to a bar but don’t want to appear too dressed up, wearing stilettos with a pair of skinny jeans will radiate sassiness and sexiness. Similarly, if you want to look ultra-glam to a wedding then wearing a pair of stilettos with a long flowing dress will help create a smarter, more sophisticated look that is still attractive.


Court Shoes, when Kate Middleton was snapped by the paparazzi wearing a pair of nude court shoes to a royal event, the store where the Duchess of Cambridge bought them sold a pair of the same shoes every two minutes in the following week!. These chic, practical and easy to walk in shoes come in a multitude of styles and provide the perfect ladylike shoe for a wide range of occasions. A healed patent court shoe in glossy black creates a business-like look when worn with a suit. In direct comparison, Kate Middleton’s nude court shoes are the ultimate symbol of femininity. These sexy, feminine styles are low cut at the front, have a closed toe and chunky heel which compliment both short and long dresses. Those after a more casual look can pair them with smart jeans or legging instead, exuding sassiness.


Boots, for super-versatile footwear that suits and compliments a wide range of outfits, a pair of boots is an essential component of a woman’s wardrobe. Boots, whether they are knee-high, end mid-way up the calf, stop at the ankle, are flat or high heeled, look fantastic with virtually anything. From jeans and dresses right through to suits and skirts, these are particularly practical in the colder, wetter months of winter – offering comfort, practicality and style in one attractive package.

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