Sunday, September 30, 2012



I wouldn't mind this beautiful hats from Eugenia Kim, Sadly they are very expensive. I just realized that I never invest hats, These will be give your outfit plus point. Maybe I should start to buy or make some hats. They don't need to be Eugenia Kim, maybe Asos or Topshop or maybe you can DIY your old hats. More creative are more great!

xxx June


Thursday, September 13, 2012





Tees - yesimfrench
Pants - Versace Jeans
Necklaces - Urban Label
Sunglasses - ASOS
Watch - DKNY
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Zara

It’s been shortest few months for me, I cant believe that is already 3-4 months. but I am so happy, because I'm in last chapter of my thesis. Thank you so much for all my readers who always support me, honestly it means a lot. One months again untill I finish my study, but I will surely keep posting on new fashion things. I missed you all, so happy to be back. 

Btw, I just got this amazing tees last months, this tees from South Korea label yesimfrench. wondering, why the name of the label is yesimfrench, because their designer is come from french. Next post let's talk about hats, few months ago I'm crazy with baseball hats, after searching for long time, I found this online store snapback hats, you can get your own custome made hats in there, check it out! 

xxx June

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