Thursday, February 17, 2011




This outfit is very perfect with the Marc Jacobs bag, the color palette is very lovely. Because the colors is nude this bag match with all colors outfit. Honestly I don't look fabulous in these photos, you know why?, because you can see that I don't wear this bag, I need Marc jacobs the XL single on my shoulder to complete my look, so this outfit will look fabulous.
Photography (except the Marc Jacobs bag) - Nuri Arunbiarti
Photo editing - Me

Sheer top - Mango
Nude top - thrifted
Flare white pants - DIY (my latest project)
Mustard heels - June+Julia
Bag - Marc Jacobs

summer is in the air, say goodbyee to black and dark colors. This time for soften, energise and excite colors. Minimal white, bold colors, sheer, pajama dressing, and hefty dose of 70’s sensibility will trend of this spring. The most essential things for spring is, here there are

white pants, you can see that lots of designer from NYC until Paris make a white pants in different shape. the flare white pants would be awesome to give you bohemian and 70’s look.

sheer, it must have items for spring, perfect for day to night, you can wear it on beach until go to the party.

bold heels with bold colors, make attention with bold heels, trying new experience with wearing some yellow mustard heels, or maybe neon pink heels who can make people attention to you.

Marc Jacobs The XL Single Bags (my wishlist items), your spring outfit can’t be perfect without this bag, the size is not really large or small. Whether you are going to the party or just hangout with friends, This Marc Jacobs's bag fits them all. and the model is very classic, so it would be everlasting trends. Because the colors is nude this bag match with all colors outfit, so you can wear it in fall/winter too. and for all you guys who live in Asia, you can get this bag in very affordable price and cheap shipping (because this shop based in Singapore) on Reebonz.


Monday, February 14, 2011




photographer - Omar Maulana
Photo editing - me

Cardigan - Minimal
white tee - thrifted
black pants - DIY
Bag - ebay
mary satin heels -

sorry for the lack of updates. I've been so bussy lately with university, it's my last semester. and I have three papers and intern as junior accountant at financial institution.

on top of that. I will try to post more often. honestly It's very hard for me to start regulary blogging. But I should do it better than stop blogging. I have lots of new project for my blog, I hope post all of them. my goal is make my blog updated more often than now

for Giveaways, I will post in the end of this week, It's something from New york designer, so keep in touch!

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