Everlasting Lips

Thursday, May 15, 2014


A couple years ago I was zero knowledge about beauty, but after religiously reading Into The Gloss and trying lot of beauty products (Emily on ITG said read a review of product is not enough, you must try them). so, I know what worked on my face. For lips, my favorite is Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stain (I use no 10. Rogue Philtre), It's gloss that really stain your lips. 

The formulas is really really amazing, glossy but not too glossy but not matte too just in between. This stain still keep my lips fully covered after lunch and drinking. It's last up to six hours and perfect for daily and special occasion. There is no lip stain I've tried that didn't leave a lipstick marks on a glass or on a straw, but I have some tips to avoid it. I usually wet the rim of the glass or straw to avoid the lipstick marks.

- June


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