Monday, May 12, 2014

Style Heroines : Marlene Dietrich


The queen of androgyny, German-American actress best know for her "femme fatale" looks in Shanghai Express, 1932. With her signature cartoon eyebrows over her half-shut eyes and sculpted cheekbones, She was made for the screen. She filmed her biggest box office hits between 1930 -1950.

let's learn more about Marlene's style, and here I present a few of images that demonstrating her ability.


Marlene has unique style to blur gender lines through clothing. She was actually among the first to pioneer the androgynous style. She helped to popularize and make pants acceptable for women to wear in 1930s -Thanks for made it happen, I swear I can't live without pants. She would appear in public wear men's suits or tux (Yves Saint Laurent's inspiration for his tuxedo suit "le smoking" in 1966), but other moments she wore glamour gowns, silky blouses or pencil skirt. Personally, one of my favorites look is when she pairing masculine pieces such as pants and blazer with a feminine heels and red lips. In my opinion her style was strong, powerful, and aesthetic.


How to wear it now, tuck a boyish white shirt with a feminine tie and tailored black blazer into black pants and add killer heels, also don't forget the chic hat (marlene usually topped her outfits with a hat) and red lipstick for "femme fatale" twist.

- June

photos source by Cobris images

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