Sunday, August 13, 2017

Casual Look

I believe if we want people appreciate us, we should appreciate them, so our look should reflect that.

Hello guys, I'm so happy to write a new blog post. it's one of my goals to write more often. I have two reason, one It's very nice to share a story with other people (ohh how i love have a new friends from around the world) and second, ugh english academic test that need to retake in September or November (I've got 5 huhuhu) so, I need to practice a lot and writing blog post would be a good exercise.

When we talk about #OfficeApropos it's depend on what's your work. We can't make rules for anyone, because they have different kind of jobs. for instance I work in a small space at my home where most days I always wear comfy and comfort clothes (I have a small vegan shoes company called June+Julia), but sometimes I also work with cooperate clients such as fabric owner, people from the bank, and meet up with clients. When I see them I want to look as professional as I can. I believe if we want people appreciate us, we should appreciate them, so our look should reflect that.

I like to create an outfit that can wear from day to night, this vintage grey blazer it's perfect for that purpose. If you doesn't want to look formal you just need to take off the blazer. What I love from this vintage blazer is the shape, it's my dad blazer when he was 30 years old, so it was 34 years ago. The blazer is made by professional tailor, it's fit perfectly on my dad. I'm so lucky that my dad has the same height and weight with me (we are like a twins) so I borrowed his blazer. I never have blazer that fit perfectly on me (I usually buy blazer at Zara), It makes great shape. I understand now why professional tailor and couture clothes are expensive. 

I paired the vintage blazer with t-shirts and turtleneck to create a casual look, So this look not too formal and serious. I also chose black jeans and a pairs of converse, if I want to look formal i just change the converse with pumps. I DIY this white scarves, I used chiffon fabrics, because it's very easy to style, I'm amateur hijabi >.< for my experience chiffon is best scarves material for beginner hijabi. I tried turban style again this time I got a big help from my best friend Dewi, she styled my turban, I love it! and I added DIY big circle earrings for feminine touch to balance my masculine look. ah I forgot to mention the belt, I wore it to create fake an neat hourglass body shape, It's perfect for people who have lean column body shape. That's for today, I hope you enjoy my outfit and until next time!

DIY white scarves (Vipme has similar scarves too), DIY big circle earrings (I will sell my handmade earrings soon), Vintage Grey Blazer (I found similar Vintage Yves Saint Laurent), Mango t-shirts, unknown turtleneck (you can get similar turtleneck in ASOS), Lee black Jeans (Yoox has similar lee jeans), and Converse Sneakers.

Have a great weekend all you guys!

xo June

Credits // Photography by Dewi Melinda. Photos edited by June Paski.

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