Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Turban Style

Hello guys, I'm so glad to be back at home after long holidays at countryside. I spent ten days in my mom's village to celebrate Eid Mubarak. I also traveled to another village and one of them is a famous beach in our province. Pangandaran beach is very beautiful but sadly it's dirty with lots of garbage :( I'll post about it soon on next post. I'm sure that you will also like the beach. Btw, talk about my outfit in this post. I tried to learn about turban style, Youtube made my life easier, I'm still far away from expert, I didn't get the low bun (I saw some famous hijab vlog, got a perfect low bun not a flat bun like mine) and I chose wrong scarf material. I just know that scarves material is sooo important in turban & hijab style. I wore squared scarf in this outfit and it's hardly to make low bun. I learned that pashmina is perfect for this kind of style. I'm planning to buy pashminas soon, do you guys know where to get a perfect pashmina?, please share the link or a store name, I would love to know it :).

Decadadia coat, Mango shirts (I can't speak Spanish, I barely understand the words on my shirts :p), Vintage jeans, Shafira navy blue scarf, DIY earrings (I made them by myself from old pins), June+Julia ballet flats.

Hope you guys are have a wonderful days!

xo June

Credits // Photography by Julia Fatimah. Photos edited by June Paski.


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