Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Back!!

i haven't updated this blog in like eight months hahaha
so it's time to get back into the swing of things
midterms was over *high five*
so i will start to make a new photography project with linda
i will post all about my project soon
oh yah and i finally read breaking dawn
im very dissapointed, im big fans twillight series, but i don't like this book tbh
what happened with stephenie meyer ?,she break all her rules.
i like happy ending but is not funny when bella pregnant, ughh she still 19
,and i think vampire is steril.
i know edward perfect and blablablabla but oh pls life is not just for boys
still waitin twillight movie, when it will be show in indonesia ?!, do u know ?
pls tell me!

p.s thanks to irina for allowed me use her painting, i love ur painting so much!


  1. cieeee im back ahaha,, i don't like about pregnancy but i love the end of the story ahahaha,, bella and edward!!!,,bye bye poor jacob (im sorry to says it).. jacob more love you better than bella ahahaha,, im still didn't have time to make a blog,,sorry,i don't know when twillight release in indonesia,, i miss hangout with you,,why we live so far and why you must studying at different uni,,we should back together,,i still don't understand why you like him,, i hope you understand what i mean ahahaha,,more talk about it on sms ok,,

  2. miss june twilight will be show in here in february 2009, gilaaaa lama bgt, udah keburu basi

  3. I saw your pic on the sartorialist comments, and just thought it was a very beautiful pic. Just had to say that:)

  4. Heyyy thanks for your sweet comment and welcome back!

  5. June .
    Twilight rilis d Indonesia akhir November .
    Pengguna MTIX bisa pesen penayangan midnite d Jakarta tgl 29 November.
    Denger2 siy tgl 30 premiere .

    buka aja for more info :]

    sara baru smp Eclipse nehh .
    June pasti baca yg versi Inggrisnya ya ? :[

    Ttg fitur chat yg ada d blog saya itu, km klik aja tulisan 'cbox' yg ada d bawah itu nd register deh .
    Then tinggal copy-paste aja kodenya ke gadget HTML d bagian Layout .
    Gudlak ! :]

  6. Thanks for your comment...Hopefully your blogging will continue this time? Let us into your world...

  7. i loved breaking dawn...minus everything after renesme or whatever her name is was born. most crap ending ever. 'we are in our happy place' who cares
    the host, nothing to do with twilight, is pretty good
    another love story but it is aliens this time!
    hope you keep blogging this time!

  8. June,
    kalo km subscribe koran Kompas .
    ada info ttg rilisnya Twilight .
    it said tomorrow .
    TOMORROW at 2 December!!!!!!!!!!

  9. June, sara kn uda register di
    Nah trus biar bisa dipake domainnya gmn? Apa ntar dikasih tau kalo domainnya udah bisa dipake setelah dua hari? Status domain sara udah ALLOWED, sebelumnya kn EXAMINATION gt. Please help me :]

    thanks before .

  10. i like my skirts aswell, new look's ones are awful though. i got a gorgeous green one in easter and by may it had a hole in it. during my summer break the hem compltely died. that part with jacob was freaky and edward is mine!! =P

  11. welcome back! looking forward to your picture posts

  12. hmm my opinion about the movie?
    just read my reviews and blog dear :]

    yaahhh samaaaaaaaaa!!!
    saia juga histeris2 gt tiap kali ada scene yg munculin Edward :D
    emang ganteng bgt ya itu manusia :]]

    about jacob, I'd prefer him when his hair short :]

    ga sabar pengen nonton kelanjutannya !

  13. you don't seem to like writing new posts =P lol jokes!
    i don't need a new one now as my iPod lives! i am very pleased!

  14. Pregnaaaaaaaaaaaaaant? Oh boy, I haven't read it yet... I just left it at the beggining asI'm finishing a research project LoL shit. I want to read it, but I gotta work! (I could always stop being on my computer, but that really seems impossible right now xD )

  15. oh, i'm sorry, i find shopping a good way of finding stuff to write but that is just me =)

  16. ohh yaa everybody loves Edward :]]

    Yg belum baca bukunya mgkn, bakal langsung suka sama Edward, cuz he's too dazzling :]
    Maybe Jacob's time is on New Moon.

    Yeah, I think so .
    not great, just plain lil good :]

  17. June can you tell me who I can contact with?
    I'm getting mad with my new domain because it doesnt work :[

    Maybe someone who did your blog .

    I will really appreciate your help :]

    PS: contact me by MySpace, blog saya ga bisa dibuka T.T

  18. I love your photography work! You definitely have talent.


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