Orange Sherbet

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


These past few months I have been trying to dress up more colorfully. I realized that my wardrobe were filled with mostly grey, black, white, and blue. So I made a goal to wear something bright. I'm still learning to know what colors that work with my skin tone and hair color (yellow skin and dark brown hairs). Oh dear, it's very challenging and yeah fun!

When I spotted this beautiful SMK orange coat I immediately said "I must have this". This orange coat is made from rayon and tencel, It's so light and very comfortable for tropic weather (very hot over here, 34 celsius). SMK designer Sandra Meynier Kang bring us simple and elegant clothes tending to sustainability. I love the way she positively develop SMK in a respective growing way for our environment. I mixed SMK orange coat with white pants and top, I've got this color inspiration from Salmon Sushi :p, for final touch I added hologram heels to made the outfits brighter.

Anyways, I made some photoshop experiment in these photo, I just learned how to select an object and change the background. It's very fun! I've got the background from an architecture blog called Minimalissmo, they features tons of unique home, you guys must check their site!



Zara T-shirts (ASOS has similiar white tee), SMK Orange Coat (SMK has the coat in blue too), Mango White Pants (Asos has another pretty white pants, and June+Julia Hologram Heels.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I challenge you to wear a colorful outfits too! 

xo June

Credits // Photography by My Mom. Background photo by MinimalissmoPhotos edited by June Paski. 


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