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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra

Helooo friends, It's been a long time (one weeks) since the last post. Thank you so much for all you guys who read and leave a comment on my blog, It means a lot for me. I'm still learning about write a personal diary (I'm not typical person who like to write) and all you guys comment are a spirit for me!. Over the weekend, me and my friends traveled to Lembang, West Java to celebrate our shoes line anniversary (It's been five year). We rented a villa near a mountain and the weather was very cold (for me 25 celsius is cold) , but the scenery was literally amazing. I will share it on the next post.

That day, I'm in the mood wearing my favorite vintage skirt. I thought of vintage more as a fun way to add some personality and making an outfit more character and special. I mixed it with American Apparel sweater and Asos t-shirts to add a modern touch and the most important for that day is to made me warm :) for final touch I paired them with edgy boots (it's 15cm and not recommended for walking in the garden, honestly I couldn't walk) and DIY faux fur clutch.

How was your weekend ?


Asos T-shirts , Vintage Skirt (Asos has smilar pleated skirt and It's great too), American Apparel Jacket, DIY faux fur clutch, and June+Julia Boots.

Have a nice day and Stay warm!

xo June

Credits // Photography by Julia Fatima. Photos edited by June Paski


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