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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello friends! I am happy to share my first outfit photos for this year. It's the idea of my best friends (she's who take this amazing photos) to change this blog to be more personal, It's brilliant. so, I can share not only about fashion and style but also lifestyle and more. At first it's very strange to pose in front of camera, I don't do that for like one years. I've been enjoying every part of my life, that's why I disconnected from blogosphere, and it feels so good. Maybe I need a long time to back but it gives me more things to say when I get back at it. It's okay if I must start from zero again but It's worth, I really exciting to meet new people around the world and have in depth conversations.

I feel very lucky to be live in such as tropic country, just to know that I can wear anything. My friends from USA keep writing to me to let me know how cold it was in new york city. That day, I decided to make my own DIY culottes, It was very nice to made our clothes by myself, you will be different from other people. They can't found the same pieces on other place, It's truly yours. I paired it with Zara tee and scarf to create a silhouette. I found this beautiful scarf at a little thrift store that looked like nothing from the outside, It's like found a treasures! I love playing with scarf so I used it to give volume and texture for the tee, so it felt like the scarf as the part of the tee. I mixed them up with edgy pieces such as these Stella McCartney platforms and Asos sunglasses to elevate the look.

As you might know, 2015 is full of goals for me. I love a good challenge, It drives me inspired, excited, and gives me something to work toward day in and day out. I ended up being so productive and so many exciting projects are on their way. committing to a new year's resolution can be intimidating. Let's choose a challenging goal and go for it, I believe that 2015 it's gonna be a great year!


Zara Tee (ASOS have similar tee too) , Vintage Scarf (You can get the brand new scarf here), DIY Culottes (ASOS have similar culottes here), June+Julia Platforms, ASOS Sunglasses.

Have a nice day friends!

xo June

Credits // Photography by Julia Fatima. Photos edited by June Paski


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